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Burgi Hutcherson

Founding Board Member and Executive Director

Burgi grew up on a mountain farm in the Austrian Alps. Her father passed away when she was six years old and it left her mother to raise six children between 1 and 11 years old. At the age of 12, she was inspired to become a missionary in an underdeveloped country, so she studied to become an elementary school teacher, thinking to give back to others through that profession.
At 19, while studying at the University, she learned about the Unification Movement of Rev. Sun Myung Moon. His messianic understanding of God's heart and will totally transformed her. It illuminated in her God's clear work all throughout history up to this day and gave her an in-depth understanding to the meaning of the hope of Jesus, Christian sexual values, marriage and family. This became her higher calling. This discovery inspired her lifelong involvement in ministry for the last 49 years. God’s revelation to all humanity has provided light and hope to millions of others around the world.

In 1982, her husband Bruce Hutcherson and she got blessed in marriage. They moved to her husband’s hometown, Winston-Salem, NC, where they are still residing. In the last few decades, they have been striving to build a strong wholesome family. They have had the usual ups and downs and God never lets them get too comfortable. They are still learning about marriage and good communication and consider themselves students in that field. They have eight children and nine grandchildren.

Alan Feldsott

Director of Education

Always seeking to bring clarity to questions about the reality of God and His purpose for our lives, Alan has dedicated himself to developing teaching materials which are biblically sound, concise and elucidating.

During his late teens and twenties, Alan had the opportunity to do missionary work in Japan, Korea and England. He and his wife lived and worked at an educational retreat in California for 10 years, where they also raised their 3 young children. Alan was able to travel to Russia to educate Russian students in spiritual principles and values as the Communist Soviet Union collapsed and began to open to the West.

Originally from northeast Pennsylvania, Alan’s parents moved to South Carolina with their 3 children to start a business and raise their family. In the mid 1990’s, Alan and his family returned to South Carolina to settle. Alan became the Chief Technology Officer of a large credit union, while continuing to teach and develop new presentations over the years.

David Konn

Founding Board Member and Director of Outreach

David Konn is one of the global experts on Fermented Ginseng. He was part of the international team from Japan, Korea and America that developed the patented Enzyme Fermented Ginseng in Korea. Mr. Konn is listed as the patent holder. He is also the president and CEO of Quantum Cellular Medicine Clinics. (www.QCMedicine.com)

Mr. Konn began to work in the nonprofit field in 1995 working on the board of Free Teens. In 2000 he worked with the American Family Coalition, which brought community leaders together crossing over political and religious barriers to focus on strengthening the family. During the 911 recovery effort he founded and led the One Community One Family Initiative, which was active in NY, NJ, CT and PA. In 2016 he became a founding member of the American Clergy and Leaders Alliance.

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Convocation And Launch Of
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Opening Session

Introduction of Leaders present and Vision of the Alliance

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Mission of the Alliance

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Continuation of the Mission of the Alliance

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Last presentation of the Mission of the Alliance

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Love Relationships and Marriage by Dr. Panzer

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Sex and Brain Conditioning, lasting love relationships, pornography and more by Dr. Richard Panzer

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